5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Life

Sometime last year while I was visiting my Grandma I spied a diffuser on her bedroom nightstand. I was a little surprised to see it and after asking her about it, she stated that she bought it because a relative of hers is a rep for an essential oil (EO) company. A few days later a package showed up on my doorstep – a diffuser from my Grandma.  Here’s where my journey into the benefits of EOs begun.  

What I Learned From Grieving the Loss of My Health

If this sounds dramatic, it is: on October 14, 2014 I lost my health. After an intense month of wide-ranging medical symptoms, I finally hauled myself to the doctor’s office to receive the news that I had been dreading: I had type 1 diabetes.

Two weeks after the diagnosis I sat in a week-long diabetes clinic that taught newly diagnosed T1Ds the ins-and-outs of managing the disease. I distinctly remember the diabetes educator commenting on my stoic demeanor and how she was concerned that I was not processing my diagnosis. I felt defensive towards her comment, like “back off lady – you don’t know me!”  When the conversation came up later that week about how people grieve the loss of health I was already tuned out.

Advice I Wish I Received About Diabetes Management



Almost four years into my journey with type 1 diabetes, I sit back and question why my medical team did not rely Dr. Bernstein’s message to me early on – from day one. I’ve had to seek out information and resources that, for instance, taught me to modify my diet to include a small intake of carbohydrates. This shift made a huge impact in my day-to-day T1D management.