My Newest Tool for Relaxation

What’s the big deal with de-stressing? One of my concerns with Hashimotos is stressing my adrenal glands which produce several of their own hormones, but they also control the release of cortisol hormone produced in the pituitary gland. You may remember from school that cortisol hormone is associated with the fight-or-flight response. We learned that at some point, right?

5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Daily Life

Sometime last year while I was visiting my Grandma I spied a diffuser on her bedroom nightstand. I was a little surprised to see it and after asking her about it, she stated that she bought it because a relative of hers is a rep for an essential oil (EO) company. A few days later a package showed up on my doorstep – a diffuser from my Grandma.  Here’s where my journey into the benefits of EOs begun.  

What I Learned From Grieving the Loss of My Health

If this sounds dramatic, it is: on October 14, 2014 I lost my health. After an intense month of wide-ranging medical symptoms, I finally hauled myself to the doctor’s office to receive the news that I had been dreading: I had type 1 diabetes.

Two weeks after the diagnosis I sat in a week-long diabetes clinic that taught newly diagnosed T1Ds the ins-and-outs of managing the disease. I distinctly remember the diabetes educator commenting on my stoic demeanor and how she was concerned that I was not processing my diagnosis. I felt defensive towards her comment, like “back off lady – you don’t know me!”  When the conversation came up later that week about how people grieve the loss of health I was already tuned out.

Advice I Wish I Received About Diabetes Management



Almost four years into my journey with type 1 diabetes, I sit back and question why my medical team did not rely Dr. Bernstein’s message to me early on – from day one. I’ve had to seek out information and resources that, for instance, taught me to modify my diet to include a small intake of carbohydrates. This shift made a huge impact in my day-to-day T1D management.

Autoimmune Disease: June Roundup of Medical Literature

This article is part of a monthly series dedicated to highlighting current trends in autoimmune disease research.  My aim is to understand how research findings may effect future research, treatment advances, and technology solutions.