Autoimmune Disease: July Roundup of Medical Literature

This article is part of a monthly series dedicated to highlighting current trends in autoimmune disease research.  My aim is to understand how research findings may affect future research, treatment advances, and technology solutions. 

Advice I Wish I Received About Diabetes Management



Almost four years into my journey with type 1 diabetes, I sit back and question why my medical team did not rely Dr. Bernstein’s message to me early on – from day one. I’ve had to seek out information and resources that, for instance, taught me to modify my diet to include a small intake of carbohydrates. This shift made a huge impact in my day-to-day T1D management.

Type 1 Diabetes: 5 Tips to Conquer Your Next Camping Trip

What is it about camping that allows us to shrug off all of our habits surrounding food? I’m not alone, right? When I camp with my family there are endless amounts of chocolate-chip muffins or M&M laced rice krispie treats hiding in the bear box. Yum! I typically steer clear of these treats and consider them as just that: an occasional treat. On vacation mode, my self-control wanes right along with all blood glucose control.